Sun Darter Hatchling! Cave of Consumption and Gold Making Guide

Sun Darter Hatchling Guide! A full walkthrough and guide to the Cave of Consumption in WoW and getting your own Sun Darter Hatchling battle pet. The Cave of Consumption was discovered in WoW recently by the WoW Secret Finder Community! This sun darter hatchling guide will walk you through exactly which consumables you need, where to get them, how to get through the cave and some gold making strategies you can use to capitalize on the exciting new Sun Darter Hatchling and Cave of Consumption discovery in WoW 7.2.5.

The List of What You’ll Need
1 Major Frost Protection Potion
1 Major Holy Protection Potion
1 Major Arcane Protectin Potion
1 Major Nature Protectoin Potion
1 Major Shadow Protection Potion
1 Ethereal Oil
10-15 Pygmy Oil
1 Scroll of Intellect
20 Noggenfogger
1 Dire Brew
1 Gordok Ogre Suit
1 Perky Pug Battle Pet
1 “Little Princess” Costume
1 Scotty’s Lucky Coin
1 Winterfall Firewater

The Major Protection Potions, Ethereal Oil, Pygmy Oil, Scroll of Intellect, Gordok Ogre Suit, “Little Princess” Costume and Winterfall Firewater are tradeable and able to be bought and sold on the Auction House. The Noggenfogger, Dire Brew, Perky Pug and Scotty’s Lucky Coin must be gotten by yourself. I recommend also getting your own Princess Costume, Gordok Ogre Suit and Winterfall Firewater due to how easy they are to get and how rampant the price gouging is as far as getting them for gold.

The Sun Darter Hatchling is CAGEABLE, which means once you get it you can buy and sell it on the Auction House. It’s lootable once per character, so presumably (I haven’t tried this) you could get a second set of consumables, go get another Sun Darter and then sell it for major profit. The Sun Darter Hatchling pet is a Critter type, which is very unusual. You’d think the Sun Darter Hatchling would count as a Dragonkin, but it’s definitely a critter. It’s movest includes Blinkstrike, Sleeping Gas, Ethereal, Ancient Blessing, Consume Magic and Sunlight. That’s a great moveset, and the Sun Darter Hatchling will likely prove useful in both PVE and PVP Pet Battles in WoW.

The Cave of Consumption is located on the very northern tip of Winterspring. If it’s still snowy, you haven’t gone far enough North. The Cave of Consumption entrance is not especially hidden so don’t go poking for little alcoves- it’s big. While you’re inside the Cave of Consumption in WoW, you’ll be Silenced and unable to use spells or most toys. That means you need to rely on consumables to get past the obstacles and get your own Sun Darter Hatchling pet.

The first obstacle in the Cave of Consumption between you and your Sun Darter Hatchling is a Fire Wall. Use your Major Fire Protection Potion and walk through. Next is a Fel Wall- you’ll need all SIX Major Protection Potion buffs active on your character to safely pass through. Then, use your Noggenfogger to get past the Diligent Watcher gargoyle. Go Right at the fork in the path and use your Scotty’s Lucky Coin to become a forest sprite and get through the bramble vine wall. Loot a Water Stone from the pool, and then go back to the fork. Use the Water Stone to pass through the blue wall. Then, use your Dire Brew to get past the Stone Watcher. Now, head up the ramp and use your Ethereal Oil to get through the purple barrier to your right. Once through, use your Gorkok Ogre Suit and Winterfall Firewater, then click the stone and Put Arm in Hole. Once you have your Sign of the Second debuff, go back to the fork (still at the top of the ramp). Spam drink Pygmy Oil until you enter Pygmy form, and pass through the gate. At the Wisdom Cube, summon your Perky Pug and use the Little Princess costume on it. Talk to the Cube and Put Arm Beneath Hole.
Now, carefully go back down the ramp (jumping down will teleport you out and necessitate a run back), and head through the open gate with the orange beetle over it. In this room, go read the Tarnished Plaque on the wall. After you READ THE PLAQUE, click off your Winterfall Firewater buff and use your Scroll of Intellect. Then, walk down the ramp into the pool and across the pool to loot your Oddly Colored Egg and get your Sun Darter Hatchling wow Battle Pet.

To make gold of the Sun Darter Hatchling/Cave of Consumption Consumables, there are many things you can do. Alchemists can make the Major Protection Potions, Ethereal Oil and Pygmy Oil. Herbalists should farm Mana Thistle. Fisherman can farm Glassfin Minnows and Pygmy Suckerfish. Anyone can go get Motes of Mana, Shadow, Fire, etc. Good luck!

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